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Trailing Silver

Scindapsus pictus, the silver vine or Satin pothos, is one of the most stunning of trailing houseplants. Allow yourself to get lost in its silky silvery variegation, the ‘pictus’ means ‘painted’ and you can see why it has its name.

It’s rather compact for a trailing vine and can be trained easily along shelves. Satin pothos prefer increased levels of humidity, so are ideal for bathrooms & kitchens, however it will tolerate normal conditions & enjoys a mist 

Coin-like Leaves

Pilea peperomioides, the Chinese Money Plant, a simple to care for plant that is believed to bring good fortune and Feng Shui to its owners.

A fast grower, with an abundance of baby plants to propagate with - you'll truly never need to buy another one again.

They love bright but indirect light and love a good soak, although like to be left alone to dry out between waterings.

Curly Lipsticks

Aeschynanthus radicans, the Lipstick Vine, a showstopper of a succulent, especially as a hanging plant.

These lipsticks are unfussy and like bright yet filtered light in order to bloom. They like to be moist but allow the top soil to dry out between waterings.

If they get a bit leggy, they can be given a haircut and propagated easily. Let yourself get lost in this eccentric vine.

Immerse yourself in an indoor jungle

Hortus' style is inspired by the beauty of the past mixed with the simplicity of the present, merging clean and simple design & furniture with background nuances of flamboyant textures reminiscent of William Morris.

The humble yet sculptural houseplant taking centre stage.

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