a message to all of my lovely customers...

To all my customers, followers, friends & the kindred spirits I’ve met over the last year - I have some news.

Hortus has only just begun, and I’ve adored every single moment of this adventure so far, however, life takes unexpected twists and turns and If the pandemic taught me anything — it’s to live life to the full & jump into new opportunities. The time has come for Hortus to close its doors in Marazion. 

While it’s a little bittersweet, I’ve truly been given an opportunity of a lifetime - I’m emigrating across the pond to the Pacific North West in Vancouver, Canada. This doesn’t mean Hortus has ended its journey - quite the contrary - my interiors & plant obsessed brand is turning a new page into an exciting (and slightly wild) new chapter. 

So, what’s next for Hortus? The plan is to take the brand online for the foreseeable and once settled, Hortus will open its doors once again but this time in the Hollywood North!

I want to thank every single one of you who supported Hortus throughout 2021, a year of retail uncertainty, but one that allowed me to explore my passions, my creativity and embrace the connections I’ve made through this wonderful experience. I’ll miss the view, all of your lovely smiles and the infectious buzz of chatting about plants, but this isn’t the end; it’s another beginning. 

Please do keep in touch and continue to follow Hortus and our story as it unfolds online. Keep in touch via my Instagram & Facebook @hortusdesign.

Over & out Marazion — you were a blast. 

Louis x