Traditional meets contemporary

Timeless design with an ecclectic twist

Interior Design

Hortus creations - Moody spaces filled with light

Sultry darks & ample light

A bathroom with plenty of natural light shouldn't be destined for white walls. Here, I've gone for a dark, sultry and moody vibe. I've used the same colour for the ceiling and walls - allowing for the two to blend seamlessly & creating a sense of space. This works especially well for lower ceilings. Dark pigments can be used as neutrals just as well as the lighter ones.

Mids, neutrals & pattern

I'm a fan of over-the-top patterns because they usually bring a riot of colour. Here, I've used the infamous 'Strawberry Thief' wallpaper by William Morris. Accompanying it are soft mid tones, like this stunning denim blue and dusky pink, all highlighted by an off white on the woodwork. This lets the intricacies of the wallpaper show, blending the colour palette together.

Reflecting light

In spaces with lower light levels, particularly north facing rooms - it's important not to fight nature. Pairing darker colours on stand-out pieces in the room, like this fireplace mantle, allows for atmosphere. Reflect light around the walls with opulent mirrors, like this oversized 1930's bevelled number. Create some zing with fresh flowers, foliage & homewares.

Cosy, warm & snug

The living room - or lounge, as us Brits say - one may argue is the place to unwind and de-stress at the end of a long day. In this north facing living room, I chose light neutrals, a traditional off-white on the woodwork and one for the walls which evokes the skimmed milk. Here, the bold furnishings let the room sing yet allow for a calming feel.

Timeless classics

For the heart of this lovingly renovated Victorian home, I've paired a moody blue and dusky pink palette with beautiful bespoke joinery by One of a Kind to create an unfussy atmosphere. The kitchen is a workhorse room that should be every bit beautiful as it is practical. Brass door furniture with traditional Shaker cabinetry perfectly complements a timeless Ercol dining set.

Contemporary, bright & fresh

The bathroom need not contain only the bare necessities; why not fill it with all the luxury you can muster? Here, the walls and ceiling are painted in the same deep dark navy, providing an ocean of calm while bathing in the double-ended slipper tub. This gives a sense of space, whilst Moroccan floor tiles deliver both no-nonsense practicality and decadence.